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Perhaps you are a 1st time buyer, buying a retirement home, a move up buyer or a downsizing buyer, or just thinking of relocating to the Ithaca area. If so then you have come to the right place for professional service and comprehensive market knowledge.

The typical buyer has limited familiarity of the market that they wish to purchase in. Granted there are now many websites offering both raw data and manipulated data that present themselves and the go-to source for real estate buyers. That information can be helpful. However, there is no substitute for the accomplished real estate agent that has his or her finger on the pulse of reality

What is a Buyer’s Agent ?

A Buyer’s Agent is an agent who is engaged by a buyer to represent the buyer’s best interest. The buyer’s agent is an advocate for you! It is the agents responsibility to share any information about the property or sellers that may help the buyer in making a educated decision regarding the transaction. Buyer agency is best defined as a principal-agent relationship in which the broker is the agent for a buyer, with fiduciary responsibilities and loyalty to the buyer.

In the past, agents were primarily Seller’s Agents, working for the property owner who signed a listing contract employing them to sell their real estate. This arrangement over time resulted in many misunderstandings. A buyer working with a Seller’s Agent often regarded that agent as his or her’s agent and felt free to make confidential statements not understanding that the Seller’s Agent had an obligation to pass this information on to the seller. Seller Agent’s in turn were also forming a bond with the buyer and unintentionally ignoring their fiduciary responsibilities to the seller during the transaction process.

What Makes A Good Buyer’s Agent ?

A good buyer’s agent listens to your needs and respects them.
A good buyer’s agent will ask questions, get to know you, your lifestyle and help evaluate your needs to locate the best property for you.
A good buyer’s agent will familiarize you with the market, prices, locations and conditions so you will feel confident and at ease when the time comes to make an offer.
A good buyer’s agent will provide the necessary market data to help you determine an offering price.
A good buyer’s agent will have the knowledge as to best structure an offer not only by price but also other critical terms and conditions.
A good buyer’s agent will negotiate on your behalf.

When searching for a buyer’s agent look for the ABR designation. ABR stands for Accredited Buyer Representative. A buyer’s agent with this accreditation has taken extensive training, shown a successful track record and is up to date on industry changes that effect you the buyer.

As your Buyer’s Agent what will I do for you?

Listen and Understand
Many buyers will become frustrated if they think that their agent is not attentive to their wants and needs. Your housing needs are important and as your buyer’s agent my job is to understand what they are. Both your time and my time are valuable so why waste it by trying to “sell” you a home that does not fit your criteria. Listening and understanding should be tops on the list for a buyer’s agent.

Locating Suitable Properties
What are those 3 famous words that everyone repeats when buying and selling real estate. Location….Location….Location. An old saying that will always hold true. As your buyer’s agent, matching your locations of choice with your housing needs is a must. I will not waste your valuable time with unsuitable properties or homes that are not in your price range or do not meet your desired criteria. 25 plus years experience combined with extensive knowledge of our community can only be an asset to you as a homebuyer.

Critique Prospective Properties
A home is more than a collection of bedrooms and bathrooms. Giving knowledgeable advice and information on properties that you are viewing will help you with decisions during the home buying process. As your buyer’s agent, suggesting imaginative ideas that could make a home more suitable for you will also improve its utility and value. Educating you on both the pluses and minuses of a property and it’s location and how it will fit into your housing wants and needs will be a priority. Working with an agent who has a good understanding of the “lay of the land” is of great importance.

Making the Offer and Negotiating
A home purchase is a major event in your life. With major events come major stress. Looking at homes is fun and can be exciting. Preparing the offer and all of it’s strategies, contingencies, clauses, fine negotiating points and anticipation is where the peak stress level can happen. Every property is unique and will require different negotiating approaches. Obtaining the lowest price is important but only one of many possible terms and conditions. Having a experienced professional with a no pressure approach guide you through the process is a must.

Now What ?
You have just successfully negotiated a contract on your next home. The stress has left and the reality is taking over. You need to prepare for the next steps. Home inspections, financing, attorneys, insurance, renegotiation, roofers, plumbers, contractors, zoning issues, radon, final walk-through, movers and so much more. Not to forget of course the inevitable “curve ball ” or “speed bump” that seems to show up at the worst possible time. Much happens between writing the offer and the actual closing. Working with an experience agent with a proven track record will help you through this part of the process by attending to the details in a timely fashion and bringing you to a successful close.