South Hill is located near the south end of Cayuga Lake and includes Ithaca College. It has a population of approximately 6,700.

Thickly covered in trees and separated from downtown by Six Mile Creek, South Hill was settled long after the rest of Ithaca. The hill is so steep that in the early 19th century railroad cars had to be pulled up it one at a time before the train made its way to Owego. A permanent school building was not built in this neighborhood until 1907 when a brick structure was erected on Hudson Street. Ithaca College moved out of downtown to its South Hill campus in the early 1960s.

South Hill becomes less densely settled as you go up Hudson Street. At the base of Hudson there are many houses divided into apartments, but at the top of the hill you will find large single-family homes on spacious lots. Immediately north of Ithaca College there are a number of two-story housing projects of ranch-style or modern block block buildings surrounded by large lawns.

Community Resources

South Hill Civic Association – no web presence…yet!

South Hill Elementary School

Ithaca College

South Hill Recreation Way: Popular with walkers, joggers, bicyclists, cross-country skiers, and college athletic teams. This trail also serves as a commuter route between the South Hill residential area, Ithaca College and Downtown. Built on an old railroad bed, this hard-packed gravel trail has an accessible entrance off Crescent Place. Many benches and a level rest area. Multi-use trail 2.9 miles. Located on Hudson St across from South Hill School.

Map of South Hill


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